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October 09, 2008



Watch out for these guys. Popofsky and Bomse are ancient has-beens, no longer involved in management. But their boy Rosenfeld is a puppetmaster who put Larabee in control at Hell, Hello, Heller, resulting in its demise. Keep Rosenfeld away from management or Orrick will go the way of that 120 year old jauggernaut. Brownstein is Rosenfeld's boy toy, so keep an eye on him too. Don't let the management of your law firm fall into the hands of litigators with bad business judgment.


HAHHAHAHAHAHA....AH,I just LOVE the smell of Lawyers getting as good as they give others in the morning....
What this country needs is an ENEMA!!!!
Marx was right all along..give 'em enough rope and they'll hang each other.
Just remember, as the elected lawyers in congress(i use the small c on purpose)print more nearly worthless paper money to save their friends on Wall Street,YOU HAD IT COMING!!
Remember what happened in Post WWI Germany(think wheelbarrows)???
We're NEXT!
Have a NICE DAY!

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