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October 24, 2008


Chuck Mason

With 30 to 50 thousand MS-13 members, all willing to kill law enforcement officers who seek to curtail their activities, The important thing is not who prosecutes them, the important thing is to cheer on those willing to prosecute them, from the lowest member of the arresting group to the highest. We need more heroes like them.
Blessings - Chuck


Perhaps there is no real MS13 connection in the Ramos case which will be a problem for Ms. Harris and her political ambitions. As for Mr. Russoniello, he is a tough on crime type of individual so I am sure that he will do the right thing at some point and perhaps aid Mr. Harris in her own tough on crime stance by finding that Mr. Ramos is indeed related to MS13. I just would not want to be in the path of any of them and a camara during these "announcements." As for Ramos, he just may have become an honorary member of MS13--who knows.


Mr. Russoniello is a "tough on crime type of individual"? HA! He has yet to bring ANY white-collar cases. As corporate fat cats ruin our economy, Russoniello does nothing about it, except for preening for the cameras. He can't be replaced soon enough.

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