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August 22, 2008


jerry brown

Cheryl, you seem to be sinking into your own subjective musings. Your main point in this post is mistaken. Look up the electronic filings on the secretary of state's web page (for the 2006 and 2010 AG campaigns) and you will find donors from a diverse range of citizens, unions, companies and attorneys.
I work closely with California's leading trial lawyers and I also welcome the participation of those who represent California's most important businesses.

Cheryl Miller

Subjective musings aside, we've written before about the "diverse range" of the attorney general's donors:

We did look at the attorney general's campaign filings for the current 2007-08 cycle. While precise donor classifications are sometimes difficult, our calculations suggest that companies, business trade groups and corporate executives contributed roughly $536,000 since last year. Labor groups gave another $320,000. Attorneys and law firms gave less than $70,000. In the last group, only a few could be classified as plaintiff firms and and attorneys.

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