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August 11, 2008


Chino Blanco

Considering that has decided NOT to appeal the ballot language, what chance do you really see for Prop 8 to pass? I just don't see a majority of Californians voting YES on a proposition titled ELIMINATES RIGHT OF SAME-SEX COUPLES TO MARRY.

Once the churches realize that Prop 8 is an almost guaranteed loser, are they going to do the right thing and let their members know?

If not, what happens after Prop 8 loses 40-60 (or worse), and then the members find out that the churches were privy all along to internal polling that predicted a crushing defeat? Do the members get their money back?

Or do they get stuck paying for ads that were run by a campaign that knew it was going to lose but ran them anyway!


Prop 8 isn't a religious issue. Supporters of gay marriage want to equate a homosexual relationship with a heterosexual relationship. They are not the same. Biology brings a man and a woman together, not just for physical gratification or emotional togetherness, but to reproduce and then to raise the children that come to that union. No homosexual relationship can do that.

Gay couples already had all the rights and privileges accorded to married heterosexual couples in the state of California before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage. What do they gain by now being married? They gain the support and defense of the state, who will now defend and promote gay marriage, in the school curricula and business practices.

How far will it go? The ruling by the CA Supreme Court today on North Coast Women's Care Medical Group v. Superior Court (Benitez), S142892, gives us a pretty good glimpse at the future.... and it's not pretty.


Erin, you're right. We should also make sure that infertile people and old people can't get married, since the purpose of marriage is to raise children. You do realize that gay couples have & raise children, right?


This youtube was awesome. It talks about how we can all live in peace and love with prop.8 stuff

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