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May 16, 2008



This paralegal is so screwed. Still working with the employer he just filed a lawsuit against, but didn't serve? I wonder if he'll still be there Monday.


what is this guy's status?it seems like if there was a hostile work environment before,it's really hostile now,if he's still there.


I am sorry to have just come across this piece of news this evening as I have worked with both Schmoller and Mr. Powers. My experience of Mr. Powers is that he is unapologetically, racist and anti-Semitic. My hope is that Mr. Herrera was successful in some way.

Steve O'neill

i dont believe in a word this guy complained about. schmo is not that bad. just because he has different sexual preferences than most doesnt make him bad. jason was pissed because schmo didnt looked at him as his potential partner. schmo is great if you get to know him. its not his fault for not catching jason on his radar. i mean gaydar.

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