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February 05, 2007


Joan C. Mais

i am one of his last victim soon everyone will see on national television because I will not stop until Milwitt is put back where he ones was, and where he belong in a 10 by 10 cell... I am a single mother with 2 innocent children. On August 25, 2011; I was evicted and locked out by Sheriff of Contra Costa County, due to Milwitt doing. Milwitt filled 7 different chapter 13 bankruptcy at the Alameda Court House without my knowledge. Milwitt posed and introduced himself as an expert chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer. Milwitt so far has taken close to $3,000.00; but not including the meals and coffee. Milwitt also posed and labelled me as his wife, girlfriend, business partner, associate, and the property I lost due to him as his property. Milwitt is a very dilution and dangerous individual. please be aware of this fraudulent menace...My children and I lives with friends and been separated due to that. Our dog also been ill from being transfered from one residential to another. I am a single mother unemployed and now homeless due to Milwitt. His posted my old address and used my uncle name as a leaser on property now trying to file quiet title action against the wrong bank. We have all legal evidence of emails and text messages. To the day of my eviction his steered and plotted scheme. Milwitt is a dangerous individual.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Toronto

I was convicted of housing benefit fraud resulting in a fine, can any one help?


Hi Joan, I was also caught in a Milwitt's fraudulent scam. Amazing he is still self-claiming a lawyer, and doing same thing as he was caught in just some years back Can we talk?

John Milwitt

Hi John is alive an well and needs to be stopped. He continues to torment the lives of others and prey upon him victims. He belongs back in jail.

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